As a part of joining Own It, one of the incredible perks is that you get access to all of my programs!

You'll have lifetime access to the following programs. They are everything needed to grow a successful online business - social media, aligned audience growth, creating offers, launching, and of course the most important - MINDSET & ENERGETICS!

The beauty of this is that you get access to all the how to use & follow when you need it, and then you have the Facebook group and the calls with me to guide, you, support you, and help you integrate the information!

Find the details of each program below.

This is the program to create offers you are OBSESSED with and are a “Hell Yes” for your people.

***This is for services, products, & network marketing***

  • Get really clear on what your offer is & who it’s for!
  • Get excited af about it, so launching is effortless!
  • The logistics, pricing, etc of your offer!
  • How to market your offer so your ideal peeps feel it & jump!

THE SOCIAL MEDIA program to attract your people and get paid! Along with branding that you FEEL & that connects with your aligned clients & customers, and positions you as a LEADER & EXPERT in your space!

Be the ONE for your people!

  • The mindset of mastering social media
  • Ideal client & Message, content & audience growth (everything you need to know on all of this, including pillars of your message, content prompts & pitching, ways to grow your audience,
  • Having a social media presence that leads to Effortless sales
  • BONUS: Creating a fb group you love and that makes you money

Launch your offers (services or products) with confidence and ease, and in a way that is aligned with you (so you actually enjoy selling).

  • Branding & messaging of your launch
  • Launch Sequence/and plan that leads to sales
  • How to create money making content - for before during & after the launch
  • Powerful journaling to keep your energy up throughout!

This is the self mastery program - mindset & emotions so you ARE the No Matter What Woman™ and are seen & felt as a leader.

You desire to attract empowered clients & buyers? This is how.

This is the missing piece for so many. Being able to have self mastery is everything in life & business. People desire to be around & buy from people in their power. You'll show up as a confident leader in your power (and attract the people, opportunities, money, etc, you desire).

And more! You are a VIP. You get access to everything!


>> All my programs + higher level personalized coaching. You're literally supported all the way.

>> Close contact with me, so you’ll learn how I navigate through it all. I don’t hold back. I share it all! All I go through. I share with you, so you can get through what you must get through faster.

>> Be in my brain + my world. Real life examples & mentorship. As I go through it, you see it and learn.

I'm leading myself & I'm leading you! As I grow you grow, and it's inevitable you’ll grow with me in this container!

You'll navigate through everything faster, so you'll collapse time around your success!

This is a 6 month commitment. We are not messing around. This is a place for you to really grow & become the woman who is inside of you here to do BIG things!

You want to LEAP! You know it's more about close mentoring than anything else.

You KNOW you're worth investing in, and you want the expansion that comes from it.

You ready for this massive uplevel?

Feeling a full body, "F YES!" (even if there is some fear)? Then let's do this woman! Let's create a 6 figure business you love and that makes a f*ck ton of impact!!!

Investment is $4500 paid in full, or $897 per month for 6 months. Extended payment plans available if necessary.

Send me a dm on facebook or instagram to join or any questions you may have.