It's there. You feel it. You're ready for so much more.

You're here to be the light, to lead, to make impact.

And you're ready to be a part of the shift & create a business that makes impact, income, and that you love!

You know you deeply desire Alignment & Expansion - You're ready to unlock your potential!

I'm ready! Show me the details!


You desire to make a f*ck ton of money.

You desire true freedom, which means fulfillment, passion, effortlessness & FUN!

You desire true transformation & integration.

You know it's about BEing the woman who just has it all & it's effortless, and you know it's not about just learning more, more and more... No more shiny programs & tools!

You are a woman who desires to show up and play BIG. You will SHOW UP for it.

And you KNOW you are capable.

Is this you...?

Keep on reading because I've created something so special for a group of women that are my soulmate clients! You feel my heart and soul in what I do, and you want to be a part of my world in a deeper way!

The internal work + the strategy + community with other women that are ALL IN with their success just like you + the deeper level support.

All the pieces to build a life & business you love so much!

Say no more, I'm in!

"Tatiana is a true leader and role model about how we can have it all. She has helped me to create an effortless and fun online fitness business that I love which makes money and lights me up, after years of failed attempts [where I was trying to follow what other coaches were doing]. Because I was a regular in Tatiana’s shorter programs including 1:1 with voxer, and I’m now in my 2nd round of Own It, I’ve propelled my business forward even during COVID: I’ve made more money in 4 months than all of last year, which blows my mind, and I love who I’ve become along the way! I’m done with people pleasing. I feel confident about how much I charge and can ask for payment without worrying what clients or family will think. I’m able to step into my fears and grow my business without constantly worrying about burn out [even with my chronic health issues], because Tatiana knows me deeply and I trust her to guide me. On top of this, my marriage is stronger than ever! My husband sees that I’m a different woman because I choose growth and expansion every day. And he is rising with me! I choose to be supported by Tatiana and women in Own It, I can’t wait to see how my life and business unfold as I conquer my social media shyness."

- Harjit Naghra

What this is all about...

Create What You're Here to Create...

You KNOW you’re meant for extraordinary... Something bigger than where you are right now! And I’m going to teach you and guide you in stepping into what you DESERVE!

You’re going to create the life & business you know you are meant to have!

Access Your Power...

You in your power! I’ll help you tap into your magnetism that will literally bring everything you want to you! This is about WHO you are.

More certainty, confidence, personal power, impact, & money!

Exponentially Grow Your Business...

I’m going to share exactly how to build a successful business & grow your income & impact with ease! You’ll build your business in a way that works & you love! Plus you’ll be attracting your people, sales, & wealth effortlessly!

Powerful, Aligned Action...

Results come from action...Aligned, inspired consistent action. You taking action in your power doing it in a way you love to do it. You’ll be given strategy that works! Combine this with all other aspects & you’ll create massive success quickly!

You’ll be given everything you need to live the extraordinary life you’re here to live, create the business you love...having FUN...& make the impact you’re here to make…

When you make the decision to go ALL IN to build your 6-Figure Business that you love:

NO MORE allowing fear, doubt & uncertainty keep you playing small and settling.

No more comparing or thinking you need to be like anyone else.

●      Staying in your own lane. KNOWing WHO you are and BEing her.

●      Showing up as a leader in her power. This means self mastery.

●      Having next level guidance and support & allowing yourself to be called out on your bs & coached to go next level.

●      When obstacles arise -> rising to the challenge & becoming so much stronger!

●      Reminding yourself who you are and what you’re here to do, without questioning because people are looking for someone who is solid in her knowing.

●      Throwing excuses out, being willing to leap, do the scary things, & showing up powerfully consistently.

New to me? I'm an alignment and expansion coach, a best-selling author, and a mother of 3, passionate about mentoring driven women and helping them build an aligned empire. I began as a health coach and then built a multi 6-figure networking marketing business. But that wasn’t enough for me; I desired to do more, so I wrote a best selling book for women to build their own businesses from home, after it transformed my life. I then began to focus on expanding my business so I could help others build their own.

My clients go from following unaligned strategies and feeling lost to effortlessly running a business. I help women with ambition go after their dreams and desires! My clients create offers they love, grow their aligned audiences, have 5-figure launches, become better moms, have better relationships, and more. Women often become so numb to who they really are by following what society dictates they should do. She helps them realize their full potential, so they can work towards their true desires and vision

I come in and help women reunite with their uniqueness so they can share it with the world, helping them realize what’s holding them back, which is what allows them to actually have fun with their business and find happiness in every area of their lives. My alignment and expansion approach helps you step into your power and realize you have what it takes to create the reality you desire.

On my own journey, I've realized what it was I really needed….

To OWN, claim, and embody WHO I am, what I do, who I serve, who I want to serve, how I want to do it, and rising up into my power as a leader!

"In my first launch I made 11k in one week."

"I just signed my second 6 months of coaching with Tatiana.

When I first came to her I wanted to purchase a home to run mind/body retreats out of. She encouraged me to shelf that idea & start an online coaching business to grow my audience first.

Thankfully I listened since the pandemic hit a week later.

I have since started a successful, lucrative 6 month coaching experience, a monthly Zoom experience & a 7 week experience. I have also added new high profile personal clients.

In my first launch I made 11k in one week. It took me months to make that before I hired Tatiana. Recently on vacation I made 3k in one day.

When I mentioned wanting to write a book, Tatiana immediately put me in touch with a writing, editing & publishing contact. I’m happy to say that I am on my way to writing a best seller.

My 17 year old daughter has taken my lead and started her own singer writer coaching group.

I was afraid to join Own It at first since I still have flashbacks of mean girls in groups growing up. These women have dried my tears, built me up & been my lifeline. Tatiana has built a tribe of strong, empowered women that I’m honored to be a part of."

- Lisa Ceizyk

This plus having close, high-level coaching to help you navigate the challenges FAST...



Showing up powerfully in your uniqueness & message & BEING a magnet for your people & desires..

Staying in your own lane. Focusing on you, what you're here to do, in your way, & how you desire to do it.

Then your energy is felt, and your desires happen... your vision comes to life... and of course - your INCOME & IMPACT EXPLODE!

You decide to go all in, & I’ll be there to give you all you need & support you!


Transformational Knowledge.

You'll have access to past trainings & programs I've created, as desired. They include everything needed to grow a successful online business - social media presence, aligned audience growth, creating offers, launching, and of course the most important - MINDSET & ENERGETICS!

All guiding you to building the aligned empire you desire - that makes impact & the money you deserve, doing what you love!

In addition - you'll have access to visualizations & activations to help you FEEL into the woman who OWNS IT.


3 Group Mentorship Calls Per Week

Here is where you'll transform & integrate. You'll experience individualized support & guidance in a group setting, to help you Having individualized coaching to help you embody the WOMAN IN HER POWER, who has the life & business she desires.

This is where you collapse the timeline.

Leap into your next level with the support to navigate all that comes up in this process.


Private Online Community.

You are not meant to do this alone. This private container of connection, celebration and accountability will uplift you along the way. 

As you rise into your next level of impact, leadership, & success, you'll have intentional, aligned women with you along the way.

Connection. Celebration. Accountability. Support.

You'll be equipped to navigate through everything faster, so you'll collapse time around your success!

6 months for you to ALIGN & EXPAND, and become the woman who is inside of you here to do BIG things!

You want to LEAP! You know it's more about close mentoring than anything else.

You KNOW you're worth investing in, and you want the expansion that comes from it.

You ready for this massive uplevel?

Feeling a full body, "F YES!" (even if there is some fear)? Then let's do this woman!

Let's create a 6 figure business you love and that makes a f*ck ton of impact!!!

***Note this is a very special container & I desire the women who join to really FEEL it, desire to be a part of it, & make the moves to build her aligned af life & business. This you? Options below. In order to join, you must send me a message on Instagram or Facebook.

"She brought out what has been inside of me that I've kept hidden for too long. She helped me see everything SO clearly and get in the right energy to create my incredibly aligned offers and call in the most amazing (REPEAT!!) clients."

"Where do I even begin with Own It? To be honest I was like holy crap, can I and should I even invest in a biz coaching program? I've been in an MLM for over 7 years and stagnant. I knew I had more in me to create and to bring in bigger income. As a mom of 4, full time teacher, wife and struggling biz owner, I wanted my biz to work but the "strategies" and "how tos" weren't cutting it. I was having consistent $500 months, but I KNEW there was more.

So, I took that leap and joined for 6 months. And then signed on for ANOTHER 6 months because holy was INCREDIBLE! This was THE BEST biz decision and LIFE decision I've made. Not only has my MLM biz grown (consistent $1k+ months), I've created an incredible extension of my biz that has brought in over $2000 a month effortlessly. I've matched my teaching take-home pay for the FIRST TIME EVER in my biz and it's just like ::mindblown::

She brought out what has been inside of me that I've kept hidden for too long. She helped me see everything SO clearly and get in the right energy to create my incredibly aligned offers and call in the most amazing (REPEAT!!) clients.

I look back at where I was 8 months ago and am just in AWE of all that I have created. I now have a signature program that feels so damn good, I create aligned offers that sell out and Tatiana has opened up my mindset (it's SO much more than biz coaching!) in ways that I will be FOREVER thankful. My business no longer feels scattered or a chore...I wake up so lit up to help even more women and create content and programs to take their dreams and desires to the next level."

- Bethany Crahen