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Moments from now you will make a decision that will change your life!

To be honest lady...there used to be a time that these three babes you see before you would shrink, hide, and apologize for their existence. We were unhappy with the way we felt in our own skin, the reflection in the mirror, and who we were as women, wives, and mamas. that the vibe that you get from this pic? ; )  

As women (especially mothers), we give into societal pressures, all too easily, of perfection, of how we are supposed to look, feel, and behave. Wearing the size 2 jeans, having the perfectly decorated house, throwing Pinterest-worthy parties - but what if we told you that we have discovered the secret sauce? The fact that all of these ideals are complete BULLSHIT and that there is a better way? A way to live, breathe, and exude health, happiness, and vibrance, without having to lose your mind to get it?  

We have discovered the answer, and we are here to help you, guide you, and provide you with a community of support for you to do the same. We can give you something that Santa can’t this holiday season (even with the “Bad Moms” lap dance - HA!). The answer, community, and a literal shit ton more so you can find your happiest, healthiest self.  

So, if reading this has you screaming “YAAAASSS QUEEN” with the wind blowing through your hair like you’re in a Beyonce video, here is how you get started… 

Feeling like you have no idea what to eat (all the info out there is intimidating and contradictory? 

Or maybe you think you're eating healthy, but aren't losing weight & are still feeling like shit? 

Well, we got you boo! Been there. Done that. Now we just eat! Sounds free'ing AF right? 

Check out what can happen when you decide to take care of YOU!

*results based on each individual's level of showing up and taking action, so may not be typical for all #LegalShit*

Join us in The Hot Mama Bootcamp!

Are You Ready To.. 

  • Spring out of bed in the morning full of energy 
  • Look at your closet full of clothes that FIT! 
  • Know exactly what to eat, when to eat it, treat yo self (wine & chocolate #duh) and still LOSE WEIGHT 
  • Walk into a room with absolute confidence, knowing that you’re a total HOTTIE 
  • Finally feel like you've been wanting to feel for months, or even years - ALIVE & unstoppable
  • Never diet again

What do you get?

  • Your Hot Mama Coach 
  • A full year of digital access to the most amazing workout programs known to man (no more looking for workouts on pinterest and wondering why you're barely seeing any change)
  • A full month of Hot Mama shakes that give you all of the craving-busting dense nutrition that your body needs to be in optimal health (i.e. prevent disease and have the energy to do all the things)
  • An easy AF way to stay on track - i.e. no calorie, macro, or point counting - because we are busy enough, girls
  • Plans on plans on plans designed by renowned health and fitness professionals to help you slip into your most confident, sexiest self
  • Recipes and cooking show to keep you excited about fueling your body - healthy doesn’t mean boring, babe!
  • Access to an AMAZING online community of ladies, just like you, to lean on for support, celebrate your wins, dirty talk, and laugh - a lot, for 30 days
  • Daily accountability and mantras (to help you feel badass from the moment you check in & keep your booty on track)
  • Weekly calls to connect, share successes, and receive guidance
  • Live Workouts to share in our community (hear that gym rats?)
  • Personal development and mindset work, because health is also an inside job
  • Getting started right guide with all the info most are missing to make lasting changes
  • Meal Prep Guide so you can finally master the task of healthy weekday meals
  • And seriously, SO. MUCH. MORE. 

Check out what the All In Hot Mama package has done for these ladies!!

Ashley, mom of 2 with a full tim job, lost 4 lbs. and 14 inches in 3 weeks with the "All In Hot Mama" package

She says: When I began this program, I thought I knew how to eat. I had done a ton of research and made many changes on my own. What I didn’t realize was that I was eating a lot of the right foods, in the incorrect ways, and WAY too much of them. 😬  

This program taught me how to find balance, make changes for my body that I SO wanted, and fuel my body in a way that was idiot-proof, and easy to follow. 

The community, inspiration, and accountability I found in the process was the missing magic too. Without the group of women (who became some of my closest friends to date) on this journey with me, I certainly would have stopped (like I used to) if things ever got too busy or too tough. But I was committed to show up for my girls daily, because they were showing up for me. This was 3 years ago and I have been a part of this amazingness ever since. 💗

From the group!

We want you to know is that you are worth it. You are worth the investment in your future, your family, and yourself. While everyone else is running around like a crazy person, spending a shit ton of money on presents that their kids will barely play with - you can make the decision to give your children your presence, over presents. Fill your cup first this holiday season. We will show you how.  


So is this the SOLUTION for you?

  • Are you ready to learn how to take care of yourself (without guilt) once & for all?
  • Are you a newish (or hell, longtime, too) mom who can’t stop obsessing over losing those last 10 pounds of “baby weight”?
  • Do you want to know how to kick ass on the fitness mat, in the kitchen & with the kiddos?
  • Are you that woman who wants to feel sexy in her skin and isn’t afraid to “do the work” to get healthy, happy & hot!?


How about the next time you strut past a full-length mirror, you’re able to say, “Now, THERE’S the woman I know and respect.” You into it?

Shannon is a mom of 2. She lost 7.6 lbs and 9 inches with the Hot Mama Package

She says: 

I finally learned portion control with my eating and how to eat to be satisfied not stuffed. I learned how to meal prep and cook healthy simple meals for my family. I curbed my sweet tooth with daily shake, lost a ton of bloat, my energy came back, and I finally started sleeping through the night again.  

I sam happy, confident, and most important healthy!!!  

Kat, mom of 4 working full time, lost 50 lbs with the Hot Mama Package

She says: Sharing my story and photos like this still seems so surreal to me! Sometimes I forget about the woman on the left but photos like this bring emotions rushing over me!  

I remember feeling defeated, embarrassed, helpless and jealous of the women I would see that seemed so damn happy! I had tried everything (or so I thought) but nothing had worked! It wasn’t until I found the right tools and a group of women who were all the same journey as me, that I finally found success!  

We are tribe people by nature so why the hell I thought I could do it alone still blows my mind! So if you’re tired of trying alone and failing and ready to write a story you’re proud of, well The Hot Mama Bootcamp is it!  

I've gained a whole new appreciation for the strength of my body and my mind.  

I learned my body will do what I set my mind for it to do! I also learned that for as strong as my body is, my mind is even stronger.  

I learned to trust the program and get out of my own way and that having the support of others on the same journey is critical to success.  

I lost weight and I gained life!"

The value of all of this is easily over $2000, and you get it ALL for less than one of those What-the-hell-did-I-just-buy Target trips!  

For just $160 (for a limited time! Reg price is $199), and in just 4 weeks you'll become so much stronger physically & mentally. Yeah, I'm serious. #NoBrainer  

So are you ready to do this?! 

Lady, it’s ALL possible for you, too, once you LEARN the WHAT, the WHY and the HOW.

Our MAIN MISSION in life is to make sure you’re taking care of YOU.

We don’t ever want you to look back and regret what could’ve been, and we want you to wake up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY ready to kick some ass! Let’s drop the excuses and become the empowered, confident, kick ass women we know we’re truly meant to be, okay? So whaddya say, are you ready to do this?

Are you ready to start feeling the way you deserve to feel? I hope so! Decide your option and let's do this!


Tatiana, Ashley, & Kat


What's up lady! I’m Tatiana Amico, and I’m a successful Health Coach, and I work with women who want to feel vibrant, healthy and confident in their bodies (again or for the first time ever).  

Why do I care so much, you ask? Yup, you got it: Because I’ve been there. I honestly never had a great body image. When I was little, I soaked up the negative images of the women around me as they gabbed about dieting, Jenny Craig and their ever-growing saddlebags. It got so bad I was literally terrified to do normal “kid” things like eat pizza. In 1st grade! And as I grew up, so did my issues – I struggled with everything from starving to binging to sugar addiction to going to the gym for hours because I ate a cupcake and needed to find a way to “work it off.”  

I tried all of the fad diets, all the pills, all the programs…and yet, nothing worked. My weight kept going up and down. And I kept going from loving the dressing room and my closet to hating them both with a fiery passion. Maybe you can relate?  

Eventually, I knew I had to take control of my health. I just couldn’t handle the crazy roller coaster that my weight – and mood – was on. So, I made a decision and that’s what I did!  

Now I can work out wherever I want and know exactly what to do to get the best results because I have the right tools. I don’t have to “think” about eating the “right” foods – it’s honestly just part of my life. And best of all, I don’t feel guilty about taking care of myself like a badass…even with a 2 kids.  

Sounds crazy, right?! But it’s just more proof that if I have time to do this... so do you! No excuses.  

In fact, I’m super proud of myself because I know that when my children get older they’ll see a mother who loves her body, who naturally gravitates toward healthy food, who exercises like a BEAST and who NEVER talks trash about herself. How much of a positive role model is that?



Hey boo, I am Ashley Misko, wife, hot mama of two, and full-time Program Coordinator in health and human services for people with special needs. I also happen to do this whole side-hustle health coaching thang, that lights every bit of my soul on fire. Why? Because I found my purpose in helping women find their healthy dose of happiness, their sass, and their unicorn powers.  

In another lifetime, I was a train wreck...well, like, worse than I am now. I lost my mom at a young age and battled a life-threatening illness that I was told would render me unable to have children. Once I had a successful bone marrow transplant and came out on the other side, I found myself overweight, depressed, riddled with anxiety, and completely lost. Not to mention drinking like a fish and crushing McDonald’s on the reg.  

Once I had our first little miracle, against all odds, and was holding her in my arms. I had an “OH SHIT” moment - everything I did for MY body (or didn’t do) affected HER health. There was no freaking way I was going to be irresponsible with THAT...and no way I was leaving this earth at the age of 42 like my mom did. I was going to be here for this baby girl, FOREVER. I made a lot of changes on my own, but it wasn’t until I found our programs and community that I found my sweet spot.  

Today, I eat. I work out from home (because, I’m too busy for that other nonsense). I am more comfortable in my skin than I have ever been in my entire life. And guess what? I’m not at my thinnest, either. I recognize my body is my one and only - why would I treat her badly or talk shit about her amazingness? I have girlfriends - and I’m not talking surface relationships - deep, soulful bonds. My marriage is the best it’s ever been and I am more of the mom that I always dreamed I would be. More patience, more grace, and more self-love. Pouring into myself has allowed me to pour into those that I love. Now, I pay it forward doing the same for other hot mamas in my wake.



Hey lady! I’m Kat Taylor and I’m a wife, mom, step mom, project manager and health coach! I’m obsessed with making memories with my family, date nights with my hubby, tacos, belting out show tunes, inappropriate jokes and helping women learn how to truly love themselves and their lives!  

Just two years ago I wasn’t the happy, healthy, confident woman I am today. I was overweight, stressed, self conscious, chronically tired and desperate to be truly happy. I was still wearing maternity pants at my son’s first birthday party and I avoided mirrors and cameras like the plague. I knew I needed to change but I had been so unsuccessful for so long that I thought I was a lost cause.  

Then I made the decision that my kids and husband deserved a happier, healthier mom and wife and I deserved to wake up, look in the mirror and finally love the woman looking back at me. So I made “one last attempt” to get healthy and that decision forever changed life for me and my family!  

Success didn’t happen overnight. It took hard work and determination but now I do what I once thought was impossible….I love the woman looking back at me in the mirror.  

I love that my 2 year old son will remember a mom who loved him enough to finally love herself and my daughters will remember a mom/stepmom who raised them to be healthy, strong and confident women. My husband now has a wife who no longer cries when she stands in her closet and doesn’t demand the lights be turned off!  

Now I wake up every morning grateful AF that I refused to give up and settle. I spend my days filled with a passionate purpose to help other women learn how to truly love themselves and live the life they deserve. No more hiding behind oversized sweatshirts, standing behind people in photos or feeling guilty about taking time to take care of themselves.  

Happy, Healthy & Confident is HOT AF and my goal is to fill this world with as many women as I can who are rocking their Happiest, Healthiest and Most Confident life because what an amazing world that would be!!  

XOXO, Kat  

FAQ For the All In Hot Mama Package

1. I already have a Coach. Can I still do this? You must NOT already be working with a coach! We will not take clients from other coaches. We do not play that shady game. Please reach out to your coach for guidance. If you have a coach that is not supportive AT ALL (by that I mean they’ve disappeared on you or something – not that you have not taken the steps needed to make a change), then by all means, contact us.

2. I’m busy as hell. Will I really have time for this? We are all "busy". We all have kids, jobs, life, and if we can do it, we really believe you can, too. It's about priorities. The nutritional guide is simple and easy to follow. Each exercise routine is designed to be completed in the minimum amount of time with maximum results.

3. But um, I’ve never been to a gym. Is this for me? Heck yes! No previous fitness experience is required. All of the exercises are safe for you. (But of course, always ask your doctor before starting any exercise program if you have any health issues.)

4. But um, I'm already kicking ass with my fitness and I eat great, so why should I do this? We are huge believers that we never stop growing. There is ALWAYS space to level up a bit more. We've been doing this for over 4 years and still step up our game each time. We also all thought we were eating great in the beginning,and have learned a lot!

5. I've already worked with one of you. Can I still join? Of course. Just reach out to figure out the best game plan for you!

6. Do I need any special equipment to do this? Maybe. It honestly all depends on what exercise program you choose (with my help and guidance, of course!) However, I promise I won’t ask you to spend a million dollars on.

7. Can you guarantee specific results? We're obsessed with the Hot Mama program and the testimonials on this page are from real live people who have done it, the work, and have had some incredible kick-ass results However, the results you get are up to you. Show up and do the work.

8. I don't eat meat, grains, dairy, etc. can I still do this? Of course! Any "diet" is welcome! Like we keep saying, there is always room to grow! There is also a vegan plan!