It's time!

Sick of struggling with weight loss, lack of energy, lack of confidence, and straight up feeling like crap? 

Wouldn't it be awesome to learn how to *finally* take care of yourself, create a lifestyle change, feel good, look in the mirror and say, "Damn I'm hot!" (and I'm not talking just looks here lady! This is everything - mind, body, and soul), and be surrounded by a community of women on the same track?

Need some accountability and guidance?

The Hot Mama Bootcamp is just what you NEED. So get on the waitlist below! We start with prep on April 30th!

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    Stay at home mama of 1

    Before I said yes to being a part of Tatiana’s group, I was hesitant to spend money on me, but it finally dawned on me that while it has a price tag, I’m worth it. My health is worth it. My life is worth it. My setting an example to my family is worth it. I’m so glad I did because in just 16 days I’ve been following the program, I lost approximately 7-8 lbs, an inch off both my hips and bust, .5-1″ off my waist, and .5″ off my arms. Mentally I feel so empowered. I’m gaining confidence daily, and look forward to each day of eating rather than being fearful of what I can/cant/shouldn’t eat. I’m reclaiming this part of my life. I’m losing weight but more importantly becoming stronger both mentally and physically.

    Tatiana is attentive and available. This works. It’s so simple to follow. As someone who’s been stuck crunching calorie numbers every day, trying to find where I can cut calories, it’s been a TREMENDOUS weight (no pun intended!) off of my shoulders not having to count anything, and just learn how to eat.”

  • I love what these other ladies are saying about the Bootcamp!

    "I've realized I'm actually starting to live the life I always wanted!" - Sara

    "You have shown me what it looks like to make yourself a priority, how to strenghthen my relationships, make friends, put myself out there, change my mindet, and how to dream again!" - Joelene

    "I absolutely would not be doing this without our community!" - Olivia

    "This community is the best thing that has happened to me!" - Shannon

    The support and motivation from this group has been so powerful! It is such a great reminder about others supporting each other toward their goals and how powerful accountability can be." - Lauren

    Like all of us, my first intention was to lose weight. Now I am learning a ton about myself and about the food industry! I love the fact that I'm learning so much from all of you ladies and am able to apply it to my daily life. I also love having this community to bounce ideas and thoughts off of." - Michelle


I'm hooking you up!
I want you to be successful & reach your GOALS,
so I am giving you ALL the tools you NEED to do that!

Make yourself a priority because you deserve it! 

My GOAL for YOU is for you to realize how important taking care of YOU is, to never look back, and wake up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY....HAPPY! Are you ready to do this? Are you ready to start feeling the way you deserve to feel?

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