Healthy Pregnancy group


(Or you're in the process of making that happen)


And, let's be real, you want to look & feel hot as hell throughout too! much is happening all at once - nauseau, cravings, and thinking about things like labor and delivery, and breastfeeding may be creeping you out. But you know you want a healthy & fit pregnancy, but haven't been too sure of where to go or how to begin...

You see other women rocking their pregnancies, and you want that too!  

  • wants a super healthy pregnancy, and places immense value on making that happen (cause it's pretty damn important!)
  • does not want to gain a shit ton of unnecessary weight when pregnant, the effects of that during pregnancy and not have to worry about losing it all after the baby comes...and instead focus on recouping, on your baby, and enjoying life!
  • wants to feel good when pregnant - have energy, strength, and more!
  • wants to feel great mentally - mood swings can be a b, and anxiety can step in, but taking care of you helps prevent or lower the effects.
  • wants to feel empowered and confident throughout pregnancy and with your birth.
  • wants support and guidance from others who have been there (many times) and are doing this too.
  • wants to be surrounded by women that have your back.

Whether this is your first, or your fifth baby, this is ALL possible for you! And you've landed in the right place! 

I know because I have shown what is possible twice, am about to again, and want to help you do the same! Sound good? 

I know what it's like to constantly be wondering if I'm doing all I can for my baby to be healthy. Can I eat that? What should I be eating? So many articles, and so much unsolicited advice ;)

Of course you want the best for you baby, and maybe you feel like you're losing your mind already...Crib? Bedsharing? Stroller?Babywearing? Is a kid sucking on my boob gonna hurt? OMG, can I even do it? OHHHH MYYYY GOOODDD...How am I gonna push this thing out of my vagina??!!

Been there...And I wish I would have had the tools, community and support I do now...And not just some mom group, but people that were like me - they were working on their health (body and mind)!

About 7 years ago after having a hard time getting pregnant, I decided to get real with myself and how I was treating my body. I had been quick fixing it, crash dieting it, Jenny Craig'ing it for years, and I was done. I woke up. I went and saw a naturopath. I began learning...a lot, and I began making some awesome changes!

Within a few months....PREGNANT! And when I found out, I took my health even more serious than ever before! My son is the reason I began my journey, and have become the woman I am today, and decided to help other women! I am so grateful for that little man!

Soon after I found out I was pregnant, I got laid off. A true blessing in disguise as I used that time to LEARN, LEARN, LEARN...I spent hours and hours learning about food, the food industry, and how to acheive incredible health! I began eating foods I never knew about. I exercised throughout, and I learned all about having an empowered pregnancy. 

I had an energy filled, healthy pregnancy, and I had an incredible birth experience!

One thing that was missing though - COMMUNITY, and being surrounded by the right kind of women (I speak a lot about the importance of who you surround yourself with because it it incredibly important), and I began slipping into a yucky place in my mind.

But then I found my people! My community! And along with the tools I began to use, and provide you, and that community, I began coming out of it! So when I had my daughter a few years later, I was completely supported!

The fact is - fueling your body AND mind well, exercise, and support are game changers for your physical and mental health, especially during your pregnancy and after! I have experienced it, and I have seen many many friends and clients experience it as well!

You can see this too, and that is why I have teamed up with some other Coaches and created this for YOU! To give you all you need to ensure you feel your absolute BEST throughout this amazing (yet emotional, confusing, and at times..let's be real - scary) time!

I exercised up until the very last day with both of my pregnancies (in the bove pic, I'm about 6 months with my second), and my doula even had me do squats during labor to push it a long. I'm so grateful for the strength I had because I ate well and exercised! 

Here are some benefits of exercising during pregnancy (please make sure to consult with your doctor of course):

  • You're more likely to stay in your healthy weight gain range.
  • Labor and delivery may be easier.
  • You lower your gestational diabetes risk by as mych as 27%! Gestational diabetes can lead to type II diabetes after birth and raises the odds of having a preterm baby.
  • Helps with pooping! Cause good poops are important and pregnancy can cause constipation. Not fun!
  • More energy! Woot!
  • More likely to avoid a forceps delivery, c -section or other intervention.
  • You'll bounce back faster after delivery.
  • You'll lower your risk of preeclmpsia.
  • Helps with mood and mental health.
  • You'll build up your immune system. You're already dealing with pregnancy...dealing with a cold and pregnancy? Booooooo
  • You'll be feeling like a HOT MAMA!!!

A lot of these same benefits are for feeding your body right as well!

I will give you all you need - tools and support I wish I had had to make it easier and more fun! 

I will say this 150% unapologeticcally! THIS is the time to take the best care of yourself! And because you are doing this now, it will continue on after you have your baby! 


Well...I'm so glad you asked!

  • You'll have something that works AND sticks long after your baby arrives! That means - no more searching and searching, hoping and wishing for the magic answer. It's here!
  • Let's be real - pregnancy and motherhood is not easy and can be exhausting...BUUUUUUTTTTT...You will have energy to keep up with your kids and not have to rely on coffee to do it!
  • You'll be excited to eat healthy & exercise and have a support team to keep you going through the tough days. Translation - no more stopping, and no more "I'll start tomorrow" because you'll WANT to!
  • You'll learn how to cook healthy meals for you and your little! AndI'm not talking gourmet meals...This is about keeping it simple because you already have enough on your plate!
  • You'll still enjoy the pregnancy cravings without feeling guilty.
  • You'll prep your body for the greatest task it's MEANT to do...labor and delivery...without spending HOURS at the gym or hours on the treadmill #boring!
  • How to navigate postpartum nutrition with breastfeeding (if you're choosing to!) and losing weight in a healthy way!

>> Option 1: Online nutrition course created by a registered dietician + a membership to a variety of online workouts & nutrition plans. BEST VALUE (i.e. choose this one;) )

The first part is an online course that you have access to for LIFE. You'll learn all you need to have the helthiest pregnancy ever, but more - to continue on! Cause you also need to be taking care of YOU after the baby arrives!

This includes:

  • 21 videos to teach you the basic principles of the program, that Include education on food groups, what to eat and when, plus real-life strategies for every eating situation (eating at restaurants, at parties, while on a trip, for vegans/vegetarians, etc.).
  • 5 videos to overcome common weight-loss struggles, that include answers to common questions and advice on weight-loss challenges.
  • 15 Recipe videos where you'e taught how to cook time-saving, delicious, easy, and satisfying meals in no time. Getting Started Guide that provides step-by-step instructions to get your weight-loss journey underway. (Printed + digital PDF)
  • My Go To Guide. This accompanies the videos and highlights key takeaways, recaps the food lists, features grocery shopping lists, and more. (Printed + digital PDF)
  • 30 recipes (Printed + digital PDF).
  • My Tracker - 90 days of meal and progress tracking, and other key indicators that play a role in helping you achieve your weight-loss goals. (Printed + digital PDF).
  • Water bottle. Water is super important and you'll receive a 30 fl. oz./888 mL water bottle, with motivational reminders to keep you on track all day.
  • An app (for iphones only as of right now). This is your go-to place to access the entire curse, featuring all the videos, a tracker, downloadable and printable tools and resources.

You will also receive a full month of the superfood supplement I use in my smoothies daily to give me the best nutrition possible (And that shows on the outside! Woot!). Think of this as your tasty superfood packed prenatal! 

And you'll get all of the craving-busting dense nutrition that your body needs to be in optimal health (i.e. prevent disease and have the energy to do all the things). Fun fact - no matter how well we eat, or how healthy we think we are, our food is lacking in nutrients & this fills in the gaps to give us the best nutrition possible. 

Second part:

  • 12 months online streaming access to hundreds of other world-class workouts to keep your fitness game strong! AND for every single level out there. There are prenatal workouts and even "With your baby" workouts for after he/she makes their appearance!
  •  Nutrition plans for your specific body and desired results. This will be good after your pregnancy.
  • Meal planning help, recipes, and more.

>> Option 2: The above WITHOUT the second part.


>> 1. Access to our private Facebook community (for a min of 4 weeks)! Why is this so important and amazing?! <<

  • You'll have access to me & 3 other Coaches - We've been there, and have gotten to a place we never thought possible. Having a Coach/Mentor is the secret weapon to change and growth! 
  • You'll be a part of an incredible community of women - to help you move forward, and a community on the journey with you that gets it AND is also doing something about it. Women that will be there for you in those moments of vulnerability to support you through one of the most incredible times of your life! We'll be rocking our pregnancies together!
  • (At minimum) a weekly motivational/inspirational live video by one of the Coaches & a live Q&A with one of the Coaches.So much value - education & tips to help you grow with these!
  • Guest experts to help you even more with your pregnancy & postpartum journey!
  • Ability to join a weekly virtual group chat and workout.

>> 2. A Getting Started Right Guide with all you need to start making some awesome changes in your life. This is more than nutrition and fitness and this includes info most are missing to make lasting changes <<

>> 3. A postpartum nutrition for breastfeeding guide << 

*Investment: $220 for option 1 and $180 for option 2. I highly suggest option 1 as you get access to workouts, which as stated above, it HUGE!*

***I am now ALSO certified as a mentor for this particular program. If you would like additional 1:1 support with a call weekly (4, 45 min max, calls per month), you can add that on for $444/month.***

You you are worth it.  

You are worth the investment in yourself and your family.  

We want to see you have the BEST pregnancy and postpartum journey possible and we want to be a part of it! So excited for you! 

The value of all of this is easily over $2000, and you get it ALL for less than one of those What-the-hell-did-I-just-buy Target trips!  

For ONLY as little as $180, and in just 4 weeks you'll become so much healthier and stronger physically & mentally, and be ROCKING YOUR PREGNANCY! #NoBrainer  

So are you ready to do this?! 

Click the button below, and complete a quic questionnaire.


What's up lady! I’m Tatiana Amico, and I’m a Certified Health Coach, working with women who want to be empowerd, confident, healthy and happy af for about 5 years now!

I have learned from and have been mentored by some of the top doctors and Coaches in the world!

I'm also a mom of 2, with another on the way, and am incredibly passionate about having healthy & empowered pregnancies postpartum journies, and helping oher women do the same!

Although struggling to get pregnant the first time sucked, it was a great gift to me because it led me on a path of knowledge about optimal health, and eventually to my passion. Because of that I have had 2 incredibly healthy and fit pregnancies, and will now have a 3rd!

I've also had 2 incredibly empowered births because once I began diving deep into learning about taking care of my body, that spilled over into learning about birth...and empowered birth!

I had an unmedicated water birth with my son in a hospital, and an unmedicated birth with my daughter in a Birthing Center. I will be having my 3rd at the birthing center as well.

I have also breastfed both kids to 2.5.

It's amazing how far I've come as a woman due to a decision to take care of myself and realizing I deserve better! I don’t have to “think” about eating the “right” foods – it’s a part of my life. And best of all, I don’t feel guilty about taking care of myself like a badass…even with 2 kids.  

In fact, I’m super proud of myself because I know that when my children get older they’ll see a mother who loves her body, who naturally gravitates toward healthy food, who loves to exercise and who NEVER talks trash about herself. How much of a positive role model is that?

And you get to do the same!



Hey boo, I am Ashley Misko, wife, hot mama of two, and full-time Program Coordinator in health and human services for people with special needs. I also happen to do this whole side-hustle health coaching thang, that lights every bit of my soul on fire. Why? Because I found my purpose in helping women find their healthy dose of happiness, their sass, and their unicorn powers.  

In another lifetime, I was a train wreck...well, like, worse than I am now. I lost my mom at a young age and battled a life-threatening illness that I was told would render me unable to have children. Once I had a successful bone marrow transplant and came out on the other side, I found myself overweight, depressed, riddled with anxiety, and completely lost. Not to mention drinking like a fish and crushing McDonald’s on the reg.  

Once I had our first little miracle, against all odds, and was holding her in my arms. I had an “OH SHIT” moment - everything I did for MY body (or didn’t do) affected HER health. There was no freaking way I was going to be irresponsible with THAT...and no way I was leaving this earth at the age of 42 like my mom did. I was going to be here for this baby girl, FOREVER. I made a lot of changes on my own, but it wasn’t until I found our programs and community that I found my sweet spot.  

Today, I eat. I work out from home (because, I’m too busy for that other nonsense). I am more comfortable in my skin than I have ever been in my entire life. And guess what? I’m not at my thinnest, either. I recognize my body is my one and only - why would I treat her badly or talk shit about her amazingness? I have girlfriends - and I’m not talking surface relationships - deep, soulful bonds. My marriage is the best it’s ever been and I am more of the mom that I always dreamed I would be. More patience, more grace, and more self-love. Pouring into myself has allowed me to pour into those that I love. Now, I pay it forward doing the same for other hot mamas in my wake.



Hey hey! My name is Bethany and I am a full-time middle school science teacher, a wife, mom of three and I am expecting baby #4 in March! 

After realizing the pregnancy weight from my first two kids didn’t magically melt off with breastfeeding, I realized that keeping up with two busy boys a year apart was not going to happen unless I changed how I ate, felt about myself and took care of my body. Because let’s be honest, motherhood is a full time job and I need ALL THE ENERGY! 

I started on this journey with this amazing support system (that you’ll soon experience!) when my boys were 2 and 3 and I can’t imagine my life without it. I’ve FINALLY maintained my goal size for more than a week, continually feel motivated and had a very healthy and strong pregnancy with my 3rd child, Remy! Her labor was ROUGH as she was sideways for a lot of it and I swear I would’ve needed a C-section if I hadn’t worked out and took care of myself throughout her pregnancy. 

And here we are with baby #4 and I’m on track to have another strong, healthy and fit pregnancy! Becoming a coach and helping other busy women, expecting and postpartum mommas is my passion project. I know what it’s like to have an unhealthy pregnancy and how hard that recovery is. I don’t want to go back to that and I want to help you have the healthiest, most fit pregnancy you can have! With the support of our group, the amazing nutrition guides, the world class pre- and post-natal workouts, and getting all of the tools to stay on track for the long-run, you seriously have nothing to lose! 

Can’t wait to see you in the group and get started!  




1. I already have a Coach. Can I still do this? You must NOT already be working with a coach! We will not take clients from other coaches. We do not play that shady game. Please reach out to your coach for guidance. If you have a coach that is not supportive AT ALL (by that I mean they’ve disappeared on you or something – not that you have not taken the steps needed to make a change), then by all means, contact us.

2. I’m busy as hell. Will I really have time for this? We are all "busy". We all have kids, jobs, life, and if we can do it, we really believe you can, too. It's about priorities. The nutritional guidance is simple and easy to follow. Some workouts are as little as 25 min...even less!

3. Do I have to exercise? No, but as long as your doctor or midwife sayd it's okay, I highly suggest it. There are so many benefits to prenatal exercise, and remember that labor is tough! You wouldn't run a marathon without training, so why would you not get your body strong before labor? (My doctor actually said this, and I was ll, "Hell yeah!")

4. Is the superfood supplement safe when pregnant? Ask your doctor or midwife, but I have used this daily while breastfeeding my first and second, and all throughout my seconf pregnancy, and will with this one. You can watch a video I did about this HERE. **If for any reason (a legit reason), you absolutely can not, then there is another option, simply let me know in the form or email -

5. Should I also be taking a prenatal vitamin as well as the superfood supplement? Again, please refer to your doctor or midwife. I personally take a raw, whole food prenatal as well

6. But I already know all this health/nutrition stuff. There'a always more to learn, and if you think you know it all, then I highly suggest opening yourslf up to the possibility that there is more. Also, repition leads to mastery, and remember this is way more than nutrition & fitness. You are being guided by some incredibly kowledgeable Coaches that are here to help you grow! 

7. Do I need any special equipment to do this? Maybe. It honestly all depends on what exercise program you choose (with my help and guidance, of course!) However, I promise I won’t ask you to spend a million dollars on.

8. Can you guarantee specific results? We're obsessed with what we provide and as you have read, have had some incredible pregnancies. However, everyone is different, and you must take the action.

9. I don't eat meat, grains, dairy, etc. can I still do this? Of course! Any "diet" is welcome! Like we keep saying, there is always room to grow! There is also a vegan plan!